We pick up your garbage on the week the City does not.


Overflowing garbage bins, maggots, flies, raccoons and that smell.....We've all been there.

Unfortunately it seems like the same problem, every week. Too much garbage and nowhere to put it.

You can buy expensive city garbage tags and wait in long lines to take your extra garbage to the local dump. You can let garbage sit in your garage and wait for pesky flies and maggots to turn up or maybe even a few mice and racoons.

Or you can call GarbageBuddy. A service built in Toronto by people who have had the same problems as you. We provide a simple and affordable service. GarbageBuddy automatically picks up your garbage every other week when the city does not.

How does it work? For $39.95/month leave your garbage out on your scheduled pick up day (which will be the same every other week), and we pick it up. It's that simple. You now have weekly garbage service!!!!! (Cue magical harp music, open the champagne and celebrate that we have met).

Pay monthly or annually and save. You can easily cancel at any time. No contracts or long term commitments and satisfaction is guaranteed with a 100% satisfaction - money back guarantee.

As a GarbageBuddy customer your pick-ups are automatically scheduled, so no need to call us- we will always show up. How's that for easy!

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