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How does it work?

For $39.95/month leave your garbage out on your scheduled pick up day, which is usually going to be on the same day you put out your recycling and we pick it up. It 's that simple!

Put your trash into black garbage bags and we will pick it up. If you use white kitchen bags, that's okay as well. You just need to make sure your garbage is in bags... we can not take loose pieces (and we DO NOT take large 'junk' items like mattresses, chairs, lawn furniture etc)....We only take what you put into garbage bags. What you put into those garbnage bags is up to you. Just no hazardous waste, construct waste, batteries, toxic items. Please click here for a list of items we do not take.

If you use City bins (those large black bins)- you can fill one large City bin, which is the same amount (volume) as about 5 large bags. Need more space, then sign up for our XL plan which includes 10 bags, every two weeks. 

You can sign up monthly or annually and save. You can easily cancel at any time. There is no penalty or cancellation fees.  We automatically bill your credit card each month and your garbage pickup is automatically scheduled, so no need to call us- we'll always show up. How's that for easy!

Why would I sign up for this?

There are many benefits of our service but here are just a few: Our service allows you to get rid of your garbage every week (once by the City, then by GarbageBuddy). Using is easier and more cost effective then waiting in line to buy garbage bag tags, then filling your car with trash and then waiting in line at the dump (last we checked the line up was 30 minutes to 1 hour+).  We are cheaper. If you have two City bins you actually pay about $450+/year extra - and still don't get weekly service. We will also save you space in your garage and help keep your property cleaner. More frequent garbage removal means less rodents, racoons and bugs.

With Covid-19 and the increase in the disposal of masks and gloves into your garbage it is safer to have garbage removed quickly from your property. 

Also we are a 'white glove service'. This means if your garbage is at the side of your house or a shed, we will pick up from there. So on those cold winter or rainy days....let us come and pick up your garbage instead of having to take your garbage to the curb. Also if you are physically challenged or have a hard time getting your garbage to the curb, or know someone who does, GarbageBuddy is here to help!

And don't forget about missed garbage. If the City misses your garbage, we are there to help you out....because we will be there 7 days need to wait another 14 days. 

And finally, if we show up and you have forgotten to put out your garbage, we will give you a courtesy reminder call. 

We are an amazing service for people who want to save space, save time, save money and who have overflowing garbage. 

Can I save money with your service?

Yes. If you have two large city bins, you can reduce down to the smallest bin and hire GarbageBuddy- we are cheaper than the city. If you have one large garbage bin you can scale down to a smaller bin and save money. If you live in an area without any bins, we allow you to put out more garbage and save you time and money from going to the dump yourself.

But don't think of the money you can save....think of the amazing feeling you will get, from weekly garbage service. 

"GarbageBuddy is amazing. I need them every month. But if I only used them a few times a year- it is well worth it. Save me from the hassle and annoyance of overflowing garbage and going to the dump. This service is WELL worth it!"

Reesa, Current GarbageBuddy Customer