Lockable Garbage Bins

Why are extra garbage pickups a good thing? A (raccoons) tale of how it started

Are you the type of person that likes to host lots of people and throw parties or maybe you like to throw some events now that COVID is slowing and things are getting back to normal? Maybe you have a big family or do tons of shopping online? Maybe you enjoy the use of your garage in winter time to park your car and need extra space? Maybe you hate waking up to garbage all over your lawn because the raccoons got to it the night before! Maybe you have better things to worry about than trying to stuff all your garbage and recycling into a bin that only gets picked up once every two weeks! There has to be a better way?

GarbageBuddy was started after the 10th time of being woken up early Sunday morning by the screams of children yelling that the raccoons had attached our garbage can (Home owner: 0 Racoons:10) and that garbage was all over the front lawn and blowing down the street. I swear I tied the raccoon strap to my City of Toronto Garbage Bin- and locked it firmly in place.