What to do with overflowing garbage in Toronto?

If your garbage is being pick-up by the City of Toronto, City garbage services, excess garbage beyond what fits in your bin with the lid closed, must be bagged, tagged and set out beside your Garbage Bin for collection. Use a regular garbage bag for excess garbage and ensure that the Garbage Tag is attached to the bag and is clearly visible (attach it like you would a luggage tag). Garbage bag tags can be purchased at some Canadian Tires at a rate of $5.96/per tag (Which is good for one bag).

The alternative is to upsize your garbage bin The City of Toronto Waste Management Services charges the following annual rates for Garbage Bins: Medium (2-3 bags) $337.89+$25.65, Large (3-5 bags) $458.91+$25.65, X-Large (5-6 bags) $532.29+$25.65. This is for pickup service every 2 weeks.