How does it work?

Signup online and we will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your pick up date. Pick up days are normally the same day as your recycling pick up day- but we'll contact you to confirm. (For example: Your City garbage day is week one, we will come week two to pick up - on your recycling day. And then we come back on week 4. If you want us to come every week or on another day...please contact us.

What if I don't like your service?

We would be upset, but if you need to cancel - its' super easy. Just give us a call or email 24-48 hours before your next scheduled pick up and we will gladly issue you a refund/cancellation. There are no long term contract, cancel at any time. 

What is your service area?

We currently service all Toronto (GTA) including North York, Downsview, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga and many more.

How do I put out my trash?

Just like you do today. You can put out as much trash as would fit into a large standard garbage bin (City of Toronto Size) or up to 5 large garbage bags...whatever is easiest for you. If you use those small white kitchen bags, that is fine - you can leave out up to 10 of those small bags- or put them into a big black garbage bag (would normally fill 2 or 3 bags) and have room for more. Basically it's the volume of the garbage we care about. If you have extra garbage (more bags), additional charges may apply. We prefer that everything is in black garbage bags and properly sealed, so our team members can easily pick it up and toss it into our trucks.

What time do you pick up?

We currently start all our routes at 9:00AM. So please put out your trash before then. You can put out your trash the same way you do today. Pickups occur anytime between 9:00AM and 6:00PM.

What items do you take?

We are happy to pick up the same items you would put into your City garbage. However, just like the city, we don't take hazardous items, paint cans, furniture, drywall, bricks etc.... Basically it has to fit into a garbage bag and not rip when carried.

Where do you pick up from?

We typically pick up from the bottom of your driveway. However we are happy to come to the side of your property, front of your garage or front door. Just let us know where you keep your trash and we'll come get it. Also don't worry about parked cars. We are able to get out of our GarbageBuddy trucks to manually hand-load your garbage. Unfortunately, we are not able to come into your back yard sheds, or open gates and come around into your back yard, (unless there is road/driveway access). As a premium garbage service we are happy to open your animal proof sheds (if located on the side of your house) if that is easier for you.  For the elderly or people who require assistance, please contact us as we are happy to accommodate special needs.  If you have a parent or family member that requires assistance and you would like to hire or gift our services - please contact us, we would love to help!

Can I use my city Bin?

We are working with the City so that we can use your City bin for pickup. As of now we prefer you use regular black garbage bags and leave them at the bottom of your driveway. If you have another garbage bin- feel free to use that, or just leave out bags.

If I have extra excessive trash what do I do?

Our service includes up to 5 bags at no additional cost. Additional bags (over your 5 quantity limit) will be charged to your credit card at $3.99/bag. If you are having a large event or have a week where you will have lots of bags- give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Do you pick up from condo's or offices?

Yes, as long as you use normal bins (not the one's that require special trucks) we can help. Please contact us for commercial rates.

What if I want service every week or every day?

Sure we can help. Please contact us.

What is your COVID policy?

All our staff have been properly trained and given the proper protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of our team and the community in which they work. We never enter any of your properties and ensure the safe and proper disposal of all trash in accordance with industry and governmental regulations. Please note that all PPE (personal protective equipment such as mask and gloves) should be properly placed in garbage bags and tied up and then placed into your garbage. These items are not acceptable for recycling. Using GarbageBuddy is a great way to get these items out of your house on a weekly basis. 

Do you have an assistive service?

Yes. If you require assistance with your garbage (you are frail, injured, or just can't get your garbage to the curb) contact us. We would be happy to pick your garbage up from an area that is most convenient for you. Please also check out the FAQ above- 'Where do you pick up from' - for more information.

Whats the difference between you and a service like 1-800 Got Junk

We remove your garbage/trash on a biweekly bases for a very low cost. We come automatically every two weeks (on the day you put out your recycling). No need to call us. Just put it out and we'll pick it up. GarbageBuddy also ONLY take items that you can put inside of garbage bags. We  DO NOT take large items like furniture, construction waste, chairs, mattresses, etc......We take garbage....anything that you can put into garbage bags we will take.. For large items you will need to call a junk removal services company like 1-800-Got-Junk. They are great to remove large items, however they are 10X the cost to remove garbage. 

Can I save money using your service?

Most people in the City of Toronto pay $509.15 per year (for example) for their garbage pick up and are limited to 4½ regular sized bags or 360 litres. With GarbageBuddy you would only pay $399.50 per year for the same service. So YES you can save money. And if you are a snowbird that goes away for 4 months- you can easily put your service on hold and save even more with a simple email or phone call. Also if you have multiple bins there is a cost savings to cancel your city bins, or downsize to a smaller bin. But even better than saving money is saving space and never having overflowing garbage. Don't be like this guy.

What if there is a garbage strike?

As we are a private service, your garbage will continue to be picked up by GarbageBuddy without interruption. If you are a current GarbageBuddy customer you are guaranteed pick up services. 

Can I put my service on a vacation hold?

Sure - no problem, Just contact us and we'll put your services on hold

What about the environment...are you not encouraging more trash?

We love the environment. We all have families with kids and GarbageBuddy cares very much about the environment. We insure all waste is properly handled and obey by all Provincial laws and regulations for the proper handling and disposal of waste.

We are working on ways to make sure to divert as much Garbage from landfills where possible. There are items and products ('stuff')  that we use in our day-to-day life or that we produce that just can't be recycled. The issue with garbage and recycling today (the nobody wants to talk about) is that lots of recycling ends up in the garbage and does not get recycled- because it is mixed with garbage. Did you know that if one bag of dog waste is found in recycling - all the recycling  is contaminated and becomes garbage! We have heard from City of Toronto collectors that 50%-80% of the recycling they pick up ends up classified as garbage because it is mixed with garbage. We hope to solve the problem of educating people how to recycle properly but also want give those who need it the opportunity to have more space to properly separate their waste.